Change of Use

Changing land use can place new demands on a soil resource for which it may not be best suited in its current condition. Elite Soils can undertake initial site surveys, during which the physical baseline conditions are established, and sampling, to investigate the chemical baseline. Strategies to best equip the soil to adapt to its new function can then be developed with the client on a site-by-site basis.

Soil Movements

When there is a requirement for soils to be moved, commonly into or out of storage, there are a number of principles that can be adopted that will promote the protection and maintenance of the structural integrity of the soil. From initial site survey through to profile re-instatement, Elite Soils can guide managers through this process, ultimately facilitating the successful restoration of soil conditions and the establishment of a healthy soil environment.

Technical Reviews

The Elite Soils team has many years’ experience of undertaking soil surveys for the purpose of classifying agricultural land. Such surveys require a comprehensive understanding of the established guidelines and survey methods, which is not always evidenced in reports. Elite Soils can technically review reports on behalf of developers and local authorities, for the purpose of verifying the content or highlighting where queries may need to be raised.